Coins in the Torah

Below you will find a list of coin denominations mentioned in Tanach and the Talmud. If there are any coins or weights that are not covered and that you would like to know more about, please email us.

In the Pentateuch itself we find no reference to coins. We do find references to coin weights such as the

  • Shekel
  • Machtzit HaShekel / Beka
  • Gerah

In Nach we find coins and weights mentioned such as the

  • Darchimon (a coin)
  • Pym (a weight)
  • Shlishit HaShekel (coin or weight)
  • Reva HaShekel (coin or weight)

In the Mishna and Talmud we find reference to many more coins:

  • Sela (Tetradrachm or full Shekel)
  • Shekel (The Talmud refers to a Machzit HaShekel as “Shekel” and a full Shekel as “Sela”)
  • Dinar (kesef = silver)
  • Dinar (zahav = gold)
  • Ma’ah (weight of Gerah)
  • Prutah
  • Kuntrank (Quadrans)
  • Mismeis (Semis)
  • Issar (AS)
  • Pundion (Dupondius)
  • Istira
  • Maos Kaputkia (Coinage of Cappadocia)
  • Shekel Tzuri (A shekel of Tyre – pure silver)
  • Sela Medina (A provincial shekel of debased silver)
  • Sela Neron (An Antiochian Sela of Nero)

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