About Us

Isadore (Zev) Goldstein is the president of Zuzim Inc. Isadore is a professional numismatist with expertise in ancient coinage and is a specialist in the Biblical coinage of ancient Israel. Recognized as a leading expert in this field, he has been serving the interests of coin collectors, numismatists and museums since 2003. Isadore has published a number of groundbreaking articles in the area of Jewish numismatics. These articles have been published in prestigious journals such as the American Numismatic Association journal, the Israel Numismatic Research the Celator and the Shekel.  Isadore is also a member in good standing with the Israel Numismatic Association (INS), the American Numismatic Association (ANA), American Numismatic Society (ANS) and AINA, NGC and the TNA.

Isadore was a school principal from 1997, serving in that capacity until 2008, while teaching history on the side. Since then he has been active full time as a professional numismatist, a historical and numismatic researcher, and has lectured in various institutions. He is happy to set aside some time to help you build a collection to match your interests, does consultations and appraisals and is available to do a hands on lecture at your school or organization.

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